Your large dog has lots of needs, let's check preventive health care off that list by signing up for a Large Dog Wellness Plan at Pet Doctors of America. You can feel at ease knowing all the veterinary needs are taken care of.

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Large Dogs

Wellness Plan

Only$6300Per Month

Save Over $107/Year

Large Dogs, Pet Doctors of America

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*excludes diets, grooming, rabies licenses and referral services

Cost Comparison

Large Dog Wellness Plan

50.1-100 lbs as an adult

Services With Plan
Wellness Exam
Annual Core Vaccination
Intestinal Parasite Screenings
Annual Heartworm Testing
Mid-year Physical Exam
12 Month Supply of Flea & Tick Prevention
12 Month Supply of Heartworm Prevention
Total With Plan $756

Add Comprehensive Bloodwork for an Extra $20/mo

This Wellness Plan add-on covers comprehensive bloodwork for your pet. By performing regular blood work, your veterinarian can feel more confident about your pet’s health condition, and more confident about recommending any needed medical treatments. 

Wellness Plan FAQs