Pet Spa Packages

Pamper Your Pet

For the ultimate in pet pampering, we offers spa packages to complement our grooming services:

  • Furminator De-Shedding Service — Gently loosens and removes the undercoat for weeks of less shedding;
  • Blueberry Facial Service — Blueberry facials or all-over blueberry service to brighten white coats and shine dark-haired coats, leaving your pet smelling amazing;
  • Nail Dremel Service — Professionally grinds nails rather than cutting them to help prevent bleeding nail beds, cracked nails or nicks, and scratching;
  • De-Matting Brush Out Service — A tangle-free brush out offers an alternative to shaving pets with excessive matting;
  • Teeth Brushing Package — Have our groomer brush your pets teeth during their groom, and receive a  free toothbrush & toothpaste kit for preventative oral care at home;
  • Specialty Shampoo Packages — Have your pet bathed with our Itch Relief Shampoo, which will calm your pet’s skin and temporarily relieve itching. We also offer a medicated shampoo package for pet’s with skin allergies, or bacterial or yeast infections; and
  • Flea Free Bath — A Capstar prior to your pet’s bath will rid your pet of any live fleas within the first 30 minutes and for the next 24 hours—a safe alternative to flea dips.
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