Referring Specialists

Pet Doctors of America is dedicated to comprehensive animal healthcare. If your pet requires special attention, our Board Certified Doctors have strong relationships with the following veterinary specialists to ensure a seamless continuity of care:

  • Dermatology — William Abbott, DVM, MS, ACVD (Animal Friends Dermatology Service)
  • Internal Medicine — Mitchell A. Crystal, DVM, ACVIM, Kim Voisine, DVM, ACVIM, Robin M. Hopwood, DVM, PhD, ACVM (North Florida Veterinary Specialists, P.A.), and Dr. Trina Toshach (Southeast Veterinary Oncology)
  • Oncology —Dr. Jennifer Locke (Southeast Veterinary Oncology)
  • Ophthalmology — Matthew Chandler, DVM, ACVO and Daniel Brown, DVM, ACVO (Animal Eye Clinic)
  • Dentistry — Sharon Hoffman, DVM, AVDC (North Florida Dentistry and Oral Surgery)